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Document No. Document Name Revised Language  
MA01856 HAKKO PASTE No.FS120-01 /20 g 2020-10-09 Japanese, English Download (1,486KB)
MA01857 HAKKO PASTE No.FS120-02 / 60 g 2020-10-09 Japanese, English Download (1,487KB)
MA02718 FX-8003 2020-10-06 Japanese, English, Chinese Download (1,137KB)
MA03226 FX-8003 Infomation(Changing the PARTS LIST) 2020-10-06 Japanese, English, Chinese Download (557KB)
MA03202 FT-720 2020-10-02 Chinese Download (941KB)
MA03200 FT-720 2020-10-01 Japanese Download (891KB)
MA02237 HAKKO U Replacing the tip & heating element 2020-09-17 Japanese, English, Chinese Download (643KB)
MA01958 HAKKO U (No.730P to 790P) 2020-09-17 Japanese Download (851KB)
MA00457 611-2 2020-09-17 Japanese, English, Chinese Download (1,074KB)
MA01765 A1560 Replacing the heating element 2020-09-16 Japanese, English, Chinese Download (1,228KB)
MA01176 633 2020-09-14 Japanese, English, Chinese Download (819KB)
MA02993 HU-200 2020-09-04 English Download (20,693KB)
MA03088 HU-200 2020-09-04 Korean Download (23,732KB)
MA03089 HU-200 2020-09-04 Portuguese Download (20,865KB)
MA03195 FG-100B/AS5000 ser.13100220001411~ 2020-08-31 Spanish, Portuguese Download (2,566KB)
MA02945 HU-200 2020-08-31 Chinese Download (21,846KB)
MA01595 HAKKO HEXSOL (No.FS602-01) 2020-08-27 Japanese Download (509KB)
MA03213 FN-1010 2020-08-27 German Download (15,090KB)
MA03179 Tube unit(bottom-feed type) 2020-08-26 Japanese, English, Chinese Download (1,413KB)
MA02778 Stand for FG-465 (C5032) 2020-08-25 Japanese, English, Chinese Download (1,438KB)

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